Introducing Broadland Literary

With our planned launch date only one month away, we thought we’d dedicate our first blog entry to giving you a behind-the-scenes look at our brand new literary agency.

Founded primarily to discover local talent, but with plans for expansion in 2014, Broadland Literary is a boutique authors’ agency, specialising in YA, upper MG, SF and fantasy fiction.

As you can probably see, our website and social media accounts are still under construction, but should be fully operational by the end of September. We’d like our online presence to reflect our vision of Broadland Literary as a warm, approachable and unique authors’ agency, so our chosen web designs are a mixture of pretty and professional.

We expect to be in touch with editors and publishers soon, to introduce our agency and the authors we represent. Our first submissions are being proofread and polished this month, ready to be sent out in mid-October.

We already have some exciting projects lined up, including a young adult novel by a debut author, that blends the SF and fantasy genres into a tale of danger, betrayal, sacrifice and heroism. We think this novel is amazing and we look forward to sharing it with everyone soon. Roll on launch day!

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