A Literary Launch Day

Broadland Literary officially opens its doors today, and we can’t wait to introduce our brand new authors’ agency to the publishing world.

Our first submissions will be sent out to editors very soon. Each Broadland Literary title has been carefully selected, thoroughly edited and lovingly prepared, to make sure we only send out the best work to the most suitable publishers. Our aim is to create the perfect match between author and editor, and to find good homes for each and every one of our clients’ manuscripts.

For the time being, Broadland Literary will represent a very small, select list of local authors, but we hope to expand the agency in 2014 in order to accept submissions from writers further afield. We know there are plenty of talented, undiscovered authors out there, and we look forward to reading their work.

For now though, we’re concentrating our efforts on our existing clients, and we hope to share news of our first sale in the coming months. Sales announcements, along with agency and client news, will be posted here on our blog, so keep checking back or follow our RSS feed for all of our latest updates.

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