Submissions Mailbox Now Open

We’re pleased to announce that, as of today, we are now open to submissions from authors seeking representation. While we’re primarily looking for local authors (those based in the East Anglian region of England), we’re happy to consider submissions from writers further afield too, providing the work submitted matches the genres we represent (YA and MG fiction of all genres, and adult SF/fantasy fiction).

As always, we’re looking for well-written, commercial novels, with characters we can fall in love with. In YA and MG fiction, we’re most interested in all sub-genres of SF and fantasy, historical fiction, plus fun, light-hearted and high-stakes contemporary tales, but we’ll consider all novels written for a YA or MG audience. In adult fiction, we deal almost exclusively with the SF and fantasy genres. In particular, we enjoy reading urban fantasy, supernatural crime and horror, steampunk, dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction, SF westerns, historical fantasy, and SF/fantasy adventures.

There are also a few specific projects we’d love to see right now, so if you’ve written a novel that matches one of our wishlist items, do get in touch! Here’s what we’d love to find in our new submissions mailbox:

  • a YA Falling Skies (character-led alien invasion stories);
  • YA/adult space westerns (think Firefly);
  • contemporary Shakespeare retellings (especially A Midsummer Night’s Dream);
  • a YA Harper’s Island;
  • swashbuckling characters (musketeers, pirates, highwaymen, etc);
  • Asian-set SF/fantasy/horror (think House Of Flying Daggers or Death Note);
  • dark fairy stories and folk tales;
  • gothic supernatural horror (think Sleepy Hollow or The Skeleton Key);
  • a Breakfast Club for a new generation;
  • bounty hunters and private investigators (think Veronica Mars or Stephanie Plum);
  • a YA Les Misérables, from Eponine’s POV;
  • quirky comedy (think Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion);
  • fun MG adventures (in the spirit of The Goonies).

Don’t worry, though, if your project’s not listed above – we like to keep an open mind, and we love to be surprised, so we’re looking forward to reading every submission sent our way. To find out more about how to query us, visit our new submissions page. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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