Before You Hit Send

We’ve been incredibly busy over the past month and we couldn’t be happier about that. From taking part in two online pitch contests, to opening our new submissions mailbox, May was a month of interacting with new authors, reading their work, and introducing Broadland Literary to the wider writing community.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the writers who’ve sent us their work so far. We’ve seen some really interesting projects in our submissions mailbox and there’s clearly a lot of talent out there. Our request rate at the moment is roughly one full or partial manuscript for every ten queries received, but that’s absolutely no reflection on the quality of the submissions we’ve read. We’ve had to say no to some great writing, purely on the basis that some work just isn’t quite right for us.

But what does this mean? For us, it’s usually a case of not feeling that special connection to a main character, but we’ve also had to say no to a few projects because they were a little too young for us, or because they were too similar to novels we already have out on submission. If you’re a writer currently submitting your work to literary agents, please do remember that this is a completely subjective business – what’s not quite right for one agent will be perfect for another, so don’t give up hope!

We’d also like to remind authors submitting their work to agents to please do your homework before sending a query letter. Before you query any literary agent, make sure you’d be happy for that agent to request and read your work, and that you’d consider working with that agent if they were to offer representation.

We’ve tried to make our agency website as informative and helpful as possible, and we’ve made no secret of the fact we’re a new agency (and therefore don’t yet have a track record of sales). As a querying writer, if you feel you’d rather not work with a new agency, then please make this decision before you hit send on your query email. We’re working hard to make Broadland Literary a success and we’ll continue to work hard on behalf of any author who decides to work with us. We hope you’d like to be one of those authors but, if not, we’re quite happy to step back and wish you all the best submitting your work to agencies who are a better fit for you!

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