Have A Little Patience

We’re back from our summer blogging break, and we’re looking forward to a busy and exciting autumn. Since opening the doors of Broadland Literary, we’ve been working hard to establish and build our agency, and to lay the foundations for a successful future for us and our authors. We’re hoping all of our hard work will soon pay off, but as with many things in life, a little time and patience will no doubt be required.

Good things come to those who wait. Patience is a virtue. Rome wasn’t built in a day. There are many proverbs and sayings on the theme of patience, and all are worth bearing in mind when working in a literary field. As most people know, the world of traditional publishing moves very slowly indeed, with stories of instant successes well-publicised yet extremely rare. Whether you’re an author waiting on a submission to a literary agent, an agent waiting on a submission to an editor, or an editor waiting for the publication day of a championed title, patience is always required.

We believe in doing what’s best for our authors, as we try to help them build successful long-term careers. We’re not looking for quick and easy fixes that aren’t in the best interests of our authors, and we’re not afraid to take a longer, sometimes more difficult path to reach our destination, and to achieve our goals and those of the authors we represent.

So over the coming months, as we move forward with our various projects, we’ll endeavour to be patient, and try to remember that sometimes things take time. We hope you are able to be patient too!

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