Lois Duncan – A Tribute

Everyone at Broadland Literary was very sorry to hear of the recent passing of popular YA author Lois Duncan. Duncan’s psychological thrillers entertained generations of young readers – each one a gripping and unpredictable read filled with drama and suspense – and her literary legacy won’t easily be forgotten. She truly was the ‘Queen of Teen’ at a time when YA fiction was still in its infancy. Here are just a few of our favourite Lois Duncan titles, many of which have been re-released in recent years:

Don’t Look Behind You
April Corrigan’s life changes forever when she and her family are forced to relocate under the Federal Witness Security Program. April has to give up her friends, her boyfriend, and even her own name, but will this be enough to keep her safe from the hired killer on her family’s trail?

The Eyes Of Karen Connors/The Third Eye
Karen Connors discovers she has psychic powers known as a “third eye” or second sight. Every time she closes her eyes, the visions come – visions of children who are the victims of a mass kidnapping. But can Karen help a young police officer find these children, before it’s too late?

Locked In Time
When Nore Roberts’ father remarries, she moves to Shadow Grove, the old Civil War mansion her stepfamily calls home. Nore soon suspects her stepmother and her two new stepsiblings are hiding something, but her investigations into the family’s past turn up a secret she had never imagined…

Stranger With My Face
Laurie Stratton can’t explain why her boyfriend saw her out with another guy while she was actually home sick, or why her friends say they’ve seen her do things she knows she hasn’t done. Someone is pretending to be Laurie, but who are they, and what do they want from her?

Are there any other Lois Duncan fans out there? What are your favourite Lois Duncan novels? We’d love to hear what you think. You can comment below, or get in touch with us via twitter.

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