September Submissions

Summer may have only just arrived here in the UK, but we’re already looking ahead to the autumn and to the possibilities the new season may bring. After a long break, we expect to be ready to open our submissions mailbox again in September (date to be confirmed), and we’re excited to once again have the opportunity to discover the work of new writers.

When our mailbox opens again, we’d especially love to hear from local authors looking for representation. One of Broadland Literary’s main aims is to work closely with the local literary community to promote and encourage reading and writing, and we can’t think of a better way to do that than by helping new local authors gain recognition for their work. Submissions from authors further afield in the UK are very welcome too, however, and we remain open to international submissions, though our main focus at the moment is on building a strong list of authors based here in the UK.

We’d especially love to find some authors of adult SF and fantasy fiction. In particular, we’re looking for fresh urban fantasy, light historical fantasy, near-future SF, space opera, and comedic/humorous fantasy, though we’re open to all sub-genres of SF and fantasy fiction. We’re also open, on a more limited basis, to other genres of adult fiction including women’s crime fiction and thrillers, though our tastes in this area are very specific.

We’re looking for all genres of YA and MG fiction, and for authors who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of fiction for younger readers and to try new things. Contemporary fiction is still much in demand amongst UK editors, and we’d love to see more of this in our inbox, along with crime fiction and thrillers written with a YA readership in mind. And, of course, we’re always on the lookout for exciting and inventive SF and fantasy fiction for YA and MG readers.

Further updates about our submissions process will appear on this website in September, but for now, we hope you enjoy your summer and get plenty of writing done!

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