Q: What Makes Broadland Literary Different?
As an independently-run agency, we’re able to provide our authors with plenty of personal attention and guidance. We’re slowly building our client list, which means we’re eager to discover and nurture raw talent, and we have time to work on extensive revisions with our authors if need be, in order to get their manuscripts into the best possible shape for submission.

We aim to respond promptly to all communications from both existing and prospective clients, and to provide an approachable and professional service to authors, editors and all those who contact us.

We believe in making long-term commitments to our authors, and we offer a full range of services, including extensive after-sales support in terms of author publicity, promotion and career development.

Q: What Services Does Broadland Literary Offer?
The services we offer can be split into roughly three areas: pre-publication, publication, and post-publication.

Our pre-publication services are largely editorial-based and include manuscript feedback and structural edits, sub-editing and proofreading, plus development of ideas and proposals for future projects.

Our publication services revolve around sales – pitching projects to editors and negotiating contracts with publishers, plus dealing with all financial and accounting matters relating to said contracts.

Our post-publication services are based around author promotion and marketing, such as assisting our clients with building their author ‘platforms’, helping with the promotion of new and upcoming titles, and guiding our clients’ overall career development. We represent not just books, but people, so our services are structured in this way to allow us to support our authors throughout their writing careers.

Q: Do You Charge A Reading Fee?
Broadland Literary does not and will never charge a reading fee for manuscripts submitted to us by prospective or existing clients. We work on a commission-only basis, which means we don’t get paid until our authors do.

We would advise authors to avoid dealing with fee-charging literary agencies, and to never pay upfront for any services a literary agent provides.

Q: What Is Your Commission Structure?
Our basic commission is 15% for home (UK and Commonwealth), US and open market sales. We charge 15-20% for translation rights (depending on the involvement of sub-agents) and 20% for film/TV rights.

Q: Do You Use A Written Author-Agent Agreement?
We ask our authors to sign a simple, industry-standard contract when they agree to work with us. This is an open-ended contract (in other words, not limited to the sale of one piece of work) that may be terminated by either side, sixty days after written notice has been given. We’re happy to answer any questions prospective clients might have about the terms of business set out in our contract, or about the way we work, before they make a final decision regarding representation.