Thank you for your interest in Broadland Literary. Due to our winter submissions break, we are currently closed to new queries (queries sent in response to contest requests, R&Rs, or queries from authors we have requested work from in the past are still welcome). Our submissions mailbox will reopen in the summer, so please check back here soon, or follow us on twitter, for more updates!

What We’re Looking For
We’re primarily looking for local authors (those based in the East Anglian region of England), but we’re happy to consider submissions from writers further afield too, providing the work submitted matches the genres we represent (YA and MG fiction of all genres, and adult SF/fantasy fiction).

We’re looking for well-written, commercial novels, with characters we can fall in love with. In YA and MG fiction, we’re most interested in all sub-genres of SF and fantasy, historical fiction, plus fun, light-hearted and high-stakes contemporary tales, but we’ll consider all novels written for a YA or MG audience.

In adult fiction, we deal almost exclusively with the SF and fantasy genres. In particular, we enjoy reading urban fantasy, supernatural crime and horror, steampunk, dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction, SF westerns, historical fantasy, and SF/fantasy adventures. We’re also interested, on a much smaller scale, in quirky or unusual women’s crime fiction, though we have very specific tastes in this genre.

We do not represent non-fiction, poetry, screenplays, children’s picture books, or any genres of adult fiction not mentioned above.

For a more detailed look at the types of projects we’d love to find in our submissions mailbox, view our most recent manuscript wish list.

How To Submit
Unfortunately, due to our winter submissions break, we are currently closed to new queries. Details of how to submit work to us will appear here in the summer, when our submissions mailbox reopens.

What Happens Next?
We’ll read your query letter and sample pages and get back to you ASAP – usually within two weeks. We reply to all queries received, so, if you don’t hear from us within two weeks, we probably didn’t receive your email – please feel free to re-query us, or to get in touch via our website’s contact form.

If we feel your work is a good match for us, and we’d like to read more, we’ll ask you to send us either further sample pages, or the full manuscript of your novel for review. If we request your full manuscript, we’ll also ask you for further details about your writing background and career aims, any existing publishing credits you may have, and details of any other writing projects you’ve already completed or are currently working on. We represent not just books, but people, so we request this information to give us a clearer idea of what you’d like to achieve in the future and whether or not we can help you to achieve those goals.

Once we receive your full manuscript, we’ll read and review it as quickly as possible – usually within four to six weeks, though we’ll advise you further on this when we acknowledge receipt of your work. And if we enjoy what we read and we’d like to discuss representation, we’ll get in touch via email and arrange a time to talk.

Please don’t be disheartened, however, if we don’t request your manuscript, or if we request your work but are unable to offer representation. Due to the size of our agency and our commitments to our existing clients, we expect to sign just a few new authors each year, so we’ll only request manuscripts we think are a strong fit for our list, and we’ll only offer representation to authors if we feel we’re the perfect agency for them. We’ll do our best to let you know why we feel your work isn’t quite right for us, but don’t forget that another agent may (and probably will) feel differently, so keep writing and submitting your work, and don’t give up!